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Fun and educational digital media to educate kids and families about health in an easy to understand language. We create animation to educate and make kids and families smile. Our goal is to make a billion people smile in 100 languages



Ahoy! Join Kevin as the Tiny Docs crew helps him navigate his sore throat. From a pirate ship to a doctor's office, Kevin learns what a tonsillectomy is and how it will help him!

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Here kids can explore and learn about Dr. Patches, Scrubs, and the rest of the team as they go forward in their quest to teach you and your child about their health and well-being.

The Grown Ups

Tiny Docs not only helps with specific health challenges, but overall wellness. We’ve partnered with leading pediatric bloggers, child psychologists, and child-life specialists to bring you parenting and lifestyle content. Click here to engage and keep learning!