Exceptional Humans. Only.

At my former law firm, we supposedly had a “no jerks” hiring policy, a laughable policy. I say laughable because, due to the nature of the work, the legal field tends to attract its fair share of jerks. And inevitably, some jerks made it through interview process and although they were smart and talented, in the aggregate, they undermined the work environment. This has inspired me as we continue to build our Tiny Docs family. And instead of making it a negative hiring policy, I’ve enhanced the “no jerks” rule and made it positive. Instead of saying who we exclude, we are explicit in who we include. We have a simple rule for all our potential collaborators/employees–exceptional humans. only. Folks who are not only inspired by our vision, but are also inspired to serve their community and leave this world in a better place. Sure, it may be a high bar, but this is essential as we build a great company with a collaborative and compassionate culture. So, as we continue to develop extraordinary content and build a great company, know that behind the scenes, we have exceptional people working on it. No exceptions.