The best part about being a nurse is getting to know all the patients. Kev-dog is one of my favs! He’s always in a good mood, the meerkats love him, and he’s so brave! His tonsillectomy was a little scary for him, but he felt a lot better after Dr. P answered all his questions. I called to check in on him a week after his surgery and he was doing great! His throat didn’t hurt anymore and his mom was still letting him eat a ton of double fudge brownie ice cream, what a lucky kid! For me, I’d rather eat mint chocolate chip, or maybe an ice cream cake, or maybe even a cookie cake with ice cream on it! Whoops, got off topic, haha! We hope Kevin stays very healthy so the next time we see him it’ll be for something fun, maybe our Christmas Toy Drive! Happy Holidays Kev-dog!