COVID School Diaries

Written By: Tiny Docs Kids

October 13, 2020




Distance Learning

Remote learning

hybrid model

  • Here 10-year-old Ellie (Philadelphia, PA) shares her thoughts about going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ellie's school is opening via distance learning to begin the year.

  • I'm happy to that we might go back to school this year. I hope that we can see friends again. I miss them. I'm concerned that COVID-19 will never end. Staying home with my family is fun because we play a lot and I read a lot of Percy Jackson books. Learning on a screen is difficult, but I understand that it's important to keep everyone safe. I really don't like doing math, but my dad helps me. Sometimes learning on a screen is boring.

I really hope things go back to normal one day. I hope that we discover a cure and overcome COVID-19.

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