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How American Presidents Stay Fit

Written By: Mia Claretto

November 14, 2018







Leading a country is hard work and staying physically fit is an important part of that job. A healthy president is key to a healthy country! Take a look at how a few of our past presidents have stayed fit.

George Washington farmed the land.

While he didn’t jog or do yoga classes, he did farm, which is a whole body workout, especially since he didn’t have tractors like we do now. George Washington was also a skilled horseback rider.

Theodore Roosevelt loved exercise.

TR was famous for the variety of his exercise program. He was an outdoorsman who loved hunting, hiking, wrestling, tennis and polo.

William G. Harding hit the links.

If you were looking for President Harding, you could often find him on the golf course.

Franklin D Roosevelt took a dip in the pool.

FDR suffered from polio, which prevented him from doing a lot of physical activities. However, he did not let that keep him from living a healthy lifestyle as he could often be found swimming in the pool.

Harry Truman made time for a daily stroll.

President Truman knew being active was important so he made time for a walk once a day.

John F. Kennedy jumped on a trampoline.

JFK kept busy with a variety of activities from swimming to golfing and could even be found bouncing on the trampoline every now and then!

Jimmy Carter ran the world.

He was an avid runner from a young age and continued to pursue running throughout his life.

Bill Clinton jogged the distance.

Like Jimmy Carter before him, President Clinton enjoyed running. He even had a running path put in on the South Lawn at the White House.

George W. Bush found cycling later in life.

President Bush loved to run. He even completed the Houston Marathon. When his knees began to hurt, he continued to stay in shape by cycling.

Barack Obama has a passion for hoops.

He enjoys exercising and has even shared some of his workout music playlists. He played basketball almost daily, even encouraging NBA players and his staff to join his pickup games!

Our past presidents have left a legacy of physical fitness. Experts suggest that school age kids get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day at least 3 days a week. Whether you enjoy basketball, hiking, running, or something completely different, make sure you include physical activity as part of your day.

Mia Claretto
Kindergarten Teacher

Mia Claretto is a kindergarten teacher in Brownsburg, IN, a job she's had since she graduated #1 in her class from Butler University in 2012 and has wanted to have since she was a kindergartener herself in 1995. Mia is also one of Tiny Doc's original board members, and her students have been some of the first to give feedback on everything from Shiver Me Tonsils to Dr. Patches' hair to Nurse Scrubs' dance moves.

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