Kevin's Tonsillectomy

Written By: Dr. Patches

September 15, 2016






Kevin’s tonsillectomy got me thinking about how important it is for kids to take care of themselves after surgical procedures. After a tonsillectomy, kids have to drink a lot of water and stay very hydrated, but this can be hard since their throat will still be a little bit sore. Sometimes in order to get better, kids have to do things that aren’t fun or that even could hurt, so at Tiny Docs we make sure to explain the ‘why’ behind everything we do. Kids are smart and curious, so ‘why’ can be a powerful tool to help them make good decisions about their health. We tell kids to always ask the doctor lots of questions, and if they don’t understand something, keep asking! Doctors are nice people who just want to help, so we never mind answering any question that might help kids be less scared!

Dr. Patches

Dr. Patches is the star of Tiny Docs. Her purple hair, bubbly personality, and infectious kindness make her beloved to both her co-workers and patients.

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