The One Thing Everyone Should Do To Stay Healthy

Written By: Team TD

May 08, 2018






The flu has been extra prevalent in 2018, so we want to share one of the easiest and most important ways to help you stay flu-free!

The flu is a contagious virus, so it’s easy to spread from person to person through germs. If someone with the flu sneezes, coughs, or touches you, there’s a chance you could get the flu as well. One of the best ways to avoid these germs is to wash your hands! Every time you wash your hands well, you’re getting rid of the germs on them, so make sure to wash your hands many times each day.

Now, what does it mean to wash your hands well? Instead of just quickly running your hands under water, you need to lather up with soap and take 20 seconds to thoroughly wash your hands. An easy way to do this is to sing the ABC’s two times through; once you hit ‘z’ for the second time, you’re good to go and can rinse and dry.

Encourage people around you to wash their hands as well. The more people who wash their hands, the less likely it is that you catch the flu!

Team TD

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