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World Kindness Day

Written By: Dr. Patches

November 13, 2019



world kindness day




high fives



On November 13, we celebrate World Kindness Day. All over the globe, kids and adults will be going out of their way to treat other kids and adults with kindness and make them feel special. It’s a beautiful thing - it’s free, easy, and makes someone else’s day!

And you want to know something even better? Being kind also helps you too. Science has shown that doing even one kind act a day reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and fills you with healthy hormones that make you calm, healthy, and happy. When you’re kind, everyone wins.

Make sure you tell your friends how much you love them, call a family member you haven’t talked to in a while, share your lunch, give some high fives, make your hugs extra long, take your dog to her favorite park, say thanks to your teachers, laugh a lot, and smile at everyone.

And then on the day after, when World Kindness Day is over, do all those same things again. Kindness truly has the power to change the world, so our challenge to you is to make EVERY day kindness day. You and everyone else around you will be glad you did.

Please send us your kindness stories! No act is too small, so we would love to hear how you’re changing the world one act of kindness at a time.

Dr. Patches

Dr. Patches is the star of Tiny Docs. Her purple hair, bubbly personality, and infectious kindness make her beloved to both her co-workers and patients.

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